We are located in The Netherlands. We own and operate our own datacenter in the Netherlands. All the hardware we sell is actually being used in our datacenter. Everything just fits. So servers fit in the racks we sell, sliding rails, cables etc. we also sell all the spare parts for the servers, rack, cabling etc.

We also have selected some fine hardware components(based on price performance) to fit in our cases (CPU,Mem). We can also assembly en test the server for you if you don't want to assembly the hardware yourself.

We have some basic rules for selecting and using hardware in our Datacenter.

- Low cost, hardware interchangeable, single person operated(exchange servers for example)
- Everything has to be managed with open source tools.
- no service contracts, we just keep spares of everything much cheaper, much better service to your customers
- We don't buy the well known brands like HP, IBM, Dell etc. it is expensive, not flexible, always support issues etc.
- Proven quality, we use all the hardware in our datacenter some for years, we test things first and we really use it.
- Our hardware is not space(1U) optimized, we rather use a 4U server case with 24 hot swapable disk so we are felixble in (future) customer needs.
- We keep everything in stock for our own datacenter and for the shop.

When you are located in the EU there will be no extra import duty and custom fees. There are no shipping fees in Europe when you order more then € 50,- 

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