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MB SATA => Backplane SFF-8087

MB SATA => Backplane SFF-8087

These cables can be used if you use the Motherboard SATA connections to the server Backplane SFF-8087 connections.

Please pay attention that you have a backplane with SFF-8087 connections if you order these cables. There are 3 different types in length 50cm, 75cm and 100cm

These cables are reversed breakout cables, they only work if you go from Motherboard SATA for example if you use a Supermicro X10-SRL-F Motherboard with 10 SATA connection to the Backplane of the Storage Server SFF-8087 connection.

When you connect from a HBA with SATA please don't use these but use the normal SATA to SATA backplane cables.

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