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Provider Hardware FreeNAS configurator

You want to configure a FreeNAS server. This can be a challenge, which hardware, which controller, which SATA cable, etc. We have made a very nice configurator which makes all the decisions. We guarantee that the result is a fine working FreeNAS storage server. We also have an option that we assembly and test the server for you !

You can select the ServerCase we advise the 24U hot swap bays, ZFS (FreeNAS) is exapndable os for future use is this i nice option.

We offer 2 Motherboards, single CPU and double, you can use the double CPU Motherboard and later on expand it with an extra processor

Also the cache is a cheap option with a lot of profit. When you are nog sure take the cache double(mirror it)

ok , enough writing lets go and click on "Customize and Add to Cart" to get started !

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Provider Hardware FreeNAS configurator
Provider Hardware FreeNAS configurator

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